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Default Category:When downloading from some sites, I only get a portion of the video. Why? Modified on: 2015-12-15 05:00:49 -0500

Some sites do not support segmented HTTP progressive downloads correctly. This will sometimes leave you with downloaded video that is shorter than the original. To resolve this, do a straight rather than segmented download. The download will be slower, but you'll get the entire stream. Here's how:

  1. Click on Tools, then Settings, then expand HTTP Download Tweaks
  2. Set the Maximum Number of Segments to 1.
  3. Change this number back to 5 when downloadng from sites that respond correctly.

Also if your network connection is unreliable this could lead to downloads that do not complete in full. If you're unsure of your network connectivity try reducing your number of simultaneous downloads to lighten the load.

Keep in mind that if you're running Replay Media Catcher in demo mode, you'll receive 50% of each video you download. 100% for YouTube. Purchasing a license will remove all demo restrictions.

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