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Jaksta FAQ:I can not login to website in DVR Browser Modified on: 2023-04-28 01:09:30 -0400

If you can not log in to a website you want to DVR record in the DVR Browser (and you are sure your credentials are correct and you are in a geographic region that the site allows) then try one or both of the following.

The DVR Browsers recording skin may be interfering with the sites log in code.  To fix this you must be viewing this page inside of the DVR Browser.   

1.  Open the DVR Browser and click the Home button

2.  Under the DVR Frequently Asked Questions section,  click the "I can not log in to a website in the DVR browser" link.  You will then be viewing this page inside the DVR Browser.

3.  Now CLICK HERE.  This will open a blank Chrome window outside of the DVR Browser recording skin.  

4.  Use this new window to navigate to the site and log in again.

5.  Once logged in close that window and go to the site again inside the DVR Browser.  You should still be logged in and can now record.

The website might only allow the latest version of Chrome to login.  To get around this you can override the user agent string the DVR Browser uses.

1.  Close the DVR Browser;

2.  Open your normal browser and go to whatismybrowser.com and copy the latest Chrome user agent string; 

2.  In JMR,  goto Settings > DVR > User Agent Override setting and paste the string in this field;

3.  Reopen the DVR Browser and try and log in again.

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