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Jaksta FAQ:ffmpeg.exe - Entry Point Not Found on XP/Vista Modified on: 2023-04-28 01:06:42 -0400

If you are trying to run our applications on XP or Vista you will receive a popup error with the title "ffmpeg.exe - Entry Point Not Found" with the message "The procedure entry point GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll".

Our Windows applications distribute the excellent open source application Ffmpeg to help with conversions, muxing and HLS downloads.

The latest versions for Ffmpeg no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista.

You will need to manually download and replace ffmpeg.exe in the programs install folder with the last version of Ffmpeg that supported these operating systems:

  1. In Windows Explorer navigate to the applications install folder
    • JMR Install folder:  C:\Program Files\Jaksta Technologies\Jaksta Media Recorder 7
    • JM Install folder: C:\Program Files\Jaksta Technologies\Jaksta Music Recorder 7
    • JVC Install folder: C:\Program Files\Jaksta Technologies\Jaksta Converter 7
  2. Rename ffmpeg.exe to ffmpeg-orig.exe
  3. Download http://downloads.jaksta.com/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-2016-08-12-v3.1.2-g4275b27-win32-static.exe to the applications install folder and rename it to ffmpeg.exe

Please note that Microsoft support for XP finished on 9 April 2014 and support for Vista finished on April 11, 2017.  

Whilst we will do our best to continue to support these operating systems moving forward, functionality will be limited and we recommend you upgrade to the latest Microsoft Operating System.

FFMpeg for XP credit to https://sourceforge.net/projects/ffmpegwindowsbi/

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