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Default Category:I've entered my registration code and it appears to have been accepted, however Replay Media Catcher keeps reverting to demo mode. What can I do? Modified on: 2015-12-15 05:00:42 -0500

Replay Media Catcher needs to occassionaly check with the licensing server to validate the software and prevent piracy. Sometimes security software can block that connection. If you receive this error, make sure that your firewall or other security software is allowed a connection to the domain secure.applian.com. If you're unsure of how to add this exception to your firewall or other security software, please see the documentation for the security program you're using.

Internet Explorer and the Windows Firewall will not block secure.applian.com under their default security levels. If you've increased those levels from their defaults you may need to add an exception for secure.applian.com if it is blocked.

If you're connected to the internet via a proxy server, confirm that Internet Explorer's proxy settings are configured correctly. Replay Media Catcher will use IE's proxy settings even if Internet Explorer is not your default browser. If you're on a proxy server, your settings are usually obtained from your IT admin or provided by the proxy application.

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