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Jaksta FAQ:HTTPS/SSL scanning Modified on: 2023-04-28 00:48:38 -0400

The HTTPS/SSL certificate allows for the detection of YouTube (and other sites) over HTTPS connections. 

A unique certificate is generated for each installation.  When the application is uninstalled the certificate is removed.

If you dont want to enable HTTPS/SSL monitoring then you can switch it off on the Settings tab > Internet Downloads tab.

You can also remove the generated CA using certmgr.msc

Start > Run and type certmgr.msc

Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates.

The certificate is Issued to: Jaksta Media Recorder SSL Scanner Root. 

Select it and delete

Firefox doesnt use the machines CA store so to remove it: 

Firefox > Options > Options | Advanced | Certificates

Click View Certificates | Authorities and search for Jaksta Media Recorder SSL Scanner Root. 

Use the Delete to remove 

Firefox needs to be restarted after the certificate is added for it to become active. The user is prompted to do this.

If Jaksta Media Recorder is killed whilst monitoring is on then access to the internet may fail with "proxy" not available errors. 

The solution is to manually remove the system proxy setting using IE: Settings > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings > Proxy Server | Advanced button.

HTTPS monitoring may not be compatible with some 3rd party proxy servers. Disable HTTPS/SSL scanning in the settings.

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