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Stripchat still not saving playable files

Hello. A number of users reported that Stripchat no longer saves files correctly. The file is saved but no output when playing via VLC for example.

I've even reluctantly paid for an upgrade and it still does not work. That version is 2023.5.24.5.

Do you plan on fixing this soon? If not, I would like to request a refund for my upgrade purchase, since you claim you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Thank you.

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Hello? Is there anyone from support listening here? 10 days without a response.


The developer has tested this and stripchat is working for him without an issue. Open the program. select Get Support- and turn on check for new version on start. Close the program. Open the program. Now, give it a try.  Monitor does not work and he is aware of that but doesn't have a fix for that as of yet.

Okay thank you! But the developer is working on fixing the monitor? That would be great.

Still not working, not even Auto mode :( I even installed JMR-2023.9.7.11

Hello. Is there any update or plans to fix this? Neither Monitor nor Auto Mode works for this site. I'm using the latest version 2023.10.9.14



Could you please log a ticket so our support team can take a look at the issue?  Thanks!

Log files are attached. The URL works in browser but when pasted into Jaksta to download I get URL not supported error.

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