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Default Category:What is the difference between Recording and Downloading internet streams? Modified on: 2015-12-15 05:01:01 -0500

When Replay Media Catcher detects a compatible stream it will try and create another connection to download it. 

When Replay Media Catcher is downloading there is no need to continue to play the video or music in your browser! 

Sometimes it is not possible for Replay Media Catcher to download as the stream is secured in some manner. In these instances Replay Media Catcher will detect the stream is secure and begin to record the stream as it plays in your browser. When Replay Media Catcher is recording a stream you must continue to play the video or music in your browser. If you stop, then Replay Media Catcher will detect this and also stop recording. 

Replay Media Catcher displays whether it is Downloading or Recording progress in front of each streams progress.

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