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Complete downloads always reappear

I have never had this issue before and have been using a purchased version of Jaksta since Jaksta 5. 

I will download a few hundred files and then delete the files once I weed out what i want. I then shut the program down and when I reopen the program the next day, all those files are back.  They do not exist on my hard drive BUT they entire list of what i deleted or removed from Jaksta 2024 is back! See the attached screenshot. I have deleted these entries dozens of times in the last couple of weeks. 

I am running Jaksta 2024 on a fresh install (on a completely wiped and formatted HD) of Windows 11 Home. 

Its quite annoying that these entries continue to come back every time i reopen the program. None of these entries exist anywhere on my PC.. not in the specified download folder.. not in the recycle bin.. Seems Jaksta has a cache file somewhere that continuously regurgitates this list of past downloads 

Anyone? help please

So I guess that support for this software is non existent?? Over a week ago and not one reply

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