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HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found when installing Jaksta Deluxe


I get the - Download failed: HTTP1.1 404 Not Found - error when I initially install Jaksta Deluxe.  I am connected to the Internet.  Why is this happening?  I just purchased the package and it is bad enough that the software does not update free after two years.  I have been using Jaksta for years (I purchased it a few years ago and I decided to support Jaksta and repurchase a new license), but now I am getting this error after paying almost $70 that included two year of updates.  Should this software not work properly without headaches if I pay so much?  Now I have to wait for an answer and I cannot use it now.  

I am using Windows 11 with updates recently.  Windows 11!  Can someone answer directly before I charge back the purchase?

Thank you!

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