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ERROR - Precondition check failed when using 'drag and drop' or paste YouTube from browser.


 I am using Jaksta Media Recorder 2024 (2024.1.22.18).

Up to a few days ago everything worked fine, now I get errors while using the same settings that I have always used.

- Internet downloads: 

  • NPCAP (latest version installed: 1.79, during troubleshooting)
  • Preferred Download Quality: Highest
  • Preferred Download Format: Any
Downloads are only possible when I put Preferred Download Quality on 'Prompt', but when you want multiple downloads it is a pain.
During troubleshooting I removed my Antivirus/Internet Security Software, reinstalled JMR several times, used an older JMR version/rebooted multiple times.
Also the 'AUTO' slider on the Home page of JMR does not work in YouTube, however on some other sites it works sometimes.


Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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The problem appears to have been solved by an extractor engine update with version number 2024.03.10 (previous version was: 2024.01.02).


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