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Built-in Web Browser exception

I'm running Jaksta Media Recorder 2022 (2022.3.13.0) on Windows 11. Starting DVR->Browser results in


This was working fine until this last update. I've enabled "Debug Mode" and "Debug Mode On Start". Let me know what I can send you to resolve this.

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Debug Log file attached.


Still waiting for a response..

I have the same problem with Replay Media Catcher 2024 (2024.2.9.19) on Windows 11.  Clicking the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) from the user interface doesn't launch the Vivaldi browser, but provides this error message instead: The type initializer for 'abl' threw an exception.  I can launch the Vivaldi browser (Vivaldi.exe) by myself, but Vivaldi doesn't start when called from the user interface.

Dear Kenneth, the issue of DVR is fixed by Replay Media Catcher 2024 (2024.4.22.22) on Windows 11.

Best regards,


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