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Reinstall JMR-2022.3.13.0 for Windows After JMR-2023 Update Failure

I've had the same problem that many of you have had with the JMR-2023 Update  - it won't recopgnize my license key.

On 05-05-2023 I received an email from Jaksta support:

Your activation code will remain valid for all future versions of Jaksta for Windows.

Therfore, no new license should be necessary.

The following steps worked for me to reinstall JMR-2022.3.13.0 for Windows after the JMR-2023 update failure.

PLEASE NOTE: Thhis assumes you have a copy of JMR-2022.3.13.0.exe

1.  Completeley uninstall JMR-2023.  i used  Geek Uninstaller to do this.

      a) JMR-2023 has 3 components; NPcap, NetMonitor, and JMR-2023.  I uninstalled NeMonitor and NPCap first, then JMR-2023.

2.  If you still have JMR-2022.3.13.0 installed, try it.  If it works, great.  If not, proceed to step 3.

3.  Completeley uninstall JMR-2022.3.13.0 (see step 1, Geek Uninstaller)

4.  Reboot, then reinstall JMR-2022.3.13.0 (if you have it).

This procedure recovered JMR-2022.3.13.0, and my old license key worked.  Until they get JMR-2023 fixed, I suggest you go to the "Get Support" tab in JMR-2022 and set "Check for new version on start" to OFF.

Hope this helps.

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Author: John R. Smith
Created At: 2023-05-16T00:10:56+08:00
Updated At: 2023-05-16T00:10:56+08:00
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