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Is there a way to disable pop-up Jaksta window when a scheduled recording starts?

When a scheduled recording starts the Jaksta Radio Recorder window pops up on top of any current window.  Is there a way to have it start/open to the windows system tray only?  I have the "Minimize to Windows System Tray" config set to ON.  That prevents the pop-up from opening in the lower right corner of my screen when I minimize the Jaksta Radio window.


Also, I saw in the Music recorder the ability to automatically DELETE recordings > x.  I would LOVE that feature to be added to the Radio recorder.  I store my files in the cloud and am constantly having to manage running out of storage.  After a week I am really not interested in the old recordings.  Delete by # and/or by date > x# of days would be AWESOME!


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Author: John Govern
Created At: 2020-09-02T00:22:16+08:00
Updated At: 2020-09-02T00:22:16+08:00
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