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Cannot record Full Screen with Jaksta Media Recorder

I have been recording from UK TV Play App using Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows 10. It originally recorded it in Full Screen but recently has started recording approx 3/4 of the screen size. I record using the DVR Browser (Vivaldi) as it doesn't seem to work using the DVR Capture Method. Settings when output was full screen: Frame Width: 960 Frame Height: 540 Frame Rate 29.97 - Think used MP4 (same quality), Think 'Request Best Output Size' ON. I've tried the same settings & also changing various settings, including 'Request Best Output Size' OFF & insert 960 x 540 manually, but now I only get 3/4 output size of video. Please advise how I can record UK TV Play in Full Screen. Please reply ASAP.

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Author: Lynne Hall
Created At: 2023-04-30T12:40:44+08:00
Updated At: 2023-04-30T12:40:44+08:00
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