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Monitor interval suggestion

sometime 4 monitors start at the same time and with same split-length this will be very heavy on machine.

i think it could be difficult to implement but i would really like those 2 points:

- on JMR start with auto-start monitors: always check in order from lowest check-interval-time to highest

- the first true monitor check will start the download as usual. then: there is a custom timeframe (for example set 30 sec) and within this span no other monitor download can start. But they will still check and every successful monitor gets set in hold (following the check-interval order). if the download then reaches 30 sec or stops, the next monitor will start with its given timeframe block (maybe set to 20 sec) - and so on.

But the timeframe is also in advance as well; meaning that if split every 30 minutes and the download reaches 29 min 30 sec the given 30-sec-timeframe-block rule will apply and new monitors cannot start for the next minute. 

this implementation ofc only helps for many monitors where you dont want your machine to get stuck; at the moment im playing around and testing and figured that if there are 2 or 3 monitors muxing at the same time, my machine cant handly this well, gets too slow and the next 3 monitors catch up so it has 6 muxes at the same time; this is like a game over since they wont finish until the next monitor-split happens and now there will be 12 monitors (the first mux running for over 30 minutes now - for example in my case). - if the same six monitors are spred apart my machine can handle it easily.

P.S.: within the last 2 months i started various threads and continued some - if you find time ill gladly read your answers - thanks for your work its appreciated alot!

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Author: Ramon
Created At: 2022-12-18T14:27:04+08:00
Updated At: 2022-12-18T14:27:04+08:00
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