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How to mux later?

Hi, sometimes i have a PC crash or something, or just JMR by itself cant properly finish a Monitor-Download or AUTO-Recording.

Then i end up with a video file that is not tagged with date (what i chose in settings) but just with the default get name function and counts upwards, if there are multiple cases from the same url.

in vlc i also cannot scroll/swipe fast through the video (when i click on a point within the video-played-progress-bar (where you can chnage the timestamps where the video is playing right now..) - sorry i dont know how to describe it good because i dont know a name for that bar - anyways: when i click on a timestamp the video will freeze (load) for like 3 sec) and then play from where i clicked. but the video itself plays normal then.

just my question is, if there is a way to correct these videos (like a missing mux maybe?) converting to mp4 (the video is alreday shown as mp4 in windows but under properties->details there is nearly no information) seems to not help much (this makes it hard to quickly watch through the video and get to a specific part or even edit/cut these videos

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Author: Ramon
Created At: 2022-09-18T05:37:55+08:00
Updated At: 2022-09-18T05:37:55+08:00
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