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FIX FLV function corrupts files, making them unable to open

Hi! FIX FLV function corrupts some (70% of my collection) files, making them unable to open. Tested with versions 6, 7, 2022. Example:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zX3K7SAOA95dwhSwV2IxVBtpd-FlyMaR/view?usp=sharing   Try to fix this flv, 15ms, "fix interval". And try to open it after. 

PS: Jaksta ver. 5 fixes all my .flv videos flawlessly. But unfortunately it does not support batch fixing (i need to fix more than mln files).

Any suggestions please? Thank you!

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Author: Bombino1
Created At: 2022-04-22T22:17:15+08:00
Updated At: 2022-04-22T22:17:15+08:00
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