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Not recording from MY5 TV channel in the UK ?

Jaksta Screen Recorder

Hi there I have just spent 2 hours trying to record from MY5 tv channel in the UK.

I can capture the adverts..... but NOT the main video! 

I think they actively try to prevent you from copying their media?

OBS Studio cannot record MY5 TV main video either!! But can record the adverts!!

To save me wasting any more time can you tell me if

your latest version of Jaksta Media Recorder 7.0.24

can download all Video streamed from MY5 tv channel?

If you think it can then please supply

step by step instructions on how to achieve this ?

Please see attached file of the failure........

Thank You

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Author: Flourgrader
Created At: 2021-11-01T16:58:49+08:00
Updated At: 2021-11-01T16:58:49+08:00
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