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Disappearing monitors

Hi there,

I've seen a few posts here of folks complaining that their monitors are disappearing or getting deleted.  I while ago I went though all the monitors and deleted the ones that are disabled, as these slow down Jaksta allot.  Hence all the monitors should be active.  As there's a write event to them with the last update, all the monitors being active should've updated (update date in explorer) when monitoring is enabled.

Today I found 64 monitors updated several days ago.  I opened one just o find allot of spaces inside.  Because the monitor is now destroyed or corrupted there is no way in knowing which monitors are gone :(  Jaksta ignores these as it should and monitor is gone. I'm sure if you have a look you'll also find the dead monitors updated several days go.

I do not know the reason for this, maybe an interrupted monitor disengage?

My suggestion would be to write the updated monitor to a $montor.new or similar file first, so that in an unforeseen update event at least the primary monitor is preserved. Copy overwrite the $monitor.new to $monitor, if something happens here the $monitor.new is preserved, and only after a successful copy/overwrite remove the .new file. Maybe a startup cleanup routing of Jaksta would also sort out any errors i.e. left over $monitor.new files and remove them as this indicated an error and all that would be lost is the update date/time, or should anything have happened.

Hope this will solve the problem of the disappearing monitors. Thanks for great software, hope you can fix this asap.

Kind regards

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Author: JB
Created At: 2021-10-28T06:13:28+08:00
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