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Channel 4


I purchased your software, specifically to allow me to record Channel 4, as your website states it does, However when I login, I get a Digital Rights Management issue. Is there a solution, or is C4's site now more protected such that your software cannot bypass this issue.

If I cannot use your software, to capture Channel 4, I would like to claim my money back. Of course, if I'm misusing your software, please help me.


I tried to register on your site, so I could login. No reply with any password, thus I wasn't able to create an account. I have having to login via Google.

I also do not know have any email regarding my licence code.


Martin Cox 

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Author: Martin Cox
Created At: 2021-10-18T20:20:27+08:00
Updated At: 2021-10-18T20:20:27+08:00
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