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DVR not installed warning

Whenever trying to run the DVR browser, I get the message that DVR is not installed.

I uninstalled the whole application, download, reinstalled, ran as administrator, to no avail.

Registered user (Deluxe), latest version.


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Author: Zeev Russak
Created At: 2021-09-09T15:05:41+08:00
Updated At: 2021-09-09T15:05:41+08:00
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I too have this same issue. I am on the latest version of Win11 64bit with no conflicts within the OS or outdated drivers. All software required to run Jaksta is up to date also.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Jaksta application to no avail. The worst part of Jaksta is they dismiss the users reporting issues like this with the same solutions of uninstall reinstall rather then troubleshoot the issue themself and find the cause. They ask for log files and provide no fixes.

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