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Youtube live streams and accessability for visually impaired users


I'm visually impaired and am using Jaksta Media recorder on Windows 10 with a screen reader (Jaws for windows).

I enjoy your software so far. But I have some technical problems I hope you can help me with.

Main issues:

1. My main goal is to monitor youtube channels for live streams and catch them in real time.

In order to this I create a new monitor and add /live to a youtube's channel Url. Example: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6t4l31....../live

The problem is that Jaksta downloads the last video of a channel again and again. I can avoid short videos when I let the program delete videos which are shorter than par example 5 minutes automatically. but when the last stream is longer then this approach doesn't work anymore.

Is there an option that Jaksta can recognize a real time livestream and differenciate between a recorded one? Or could at least be made an option that Jaksta doesn't download streams with the same date and time stamp from the server again and again in a loop?

2. I've set up a couple of monitors and let Jaksta run while I'm away. I noticed that Jaksta stopped working and just closed. It's the third time this happened so far. May I turn on logging and send you some log files when it happens again, please? Where does Jaksta store them?

3. I'd like Jaksta to save all downloaded streams of a youtube channel into different folders of my choosing. I'd like to have them the name of the monitor title. And inside the folders the files would contain the youtube video title, date and time.

What would be the ID3 syntax for this?

My current syntax is {channelname}\{title} {Y}-{M}-{D} {H}-{MI}-{S}

But this way after streaming into the main media folder of Jaksta all videos are moved to a folder called "channelname" and then the files contain their monitor title, date and time. I'm missing out on the actual title of the youtube video. I only get this when I add an url manually.

I have the ID3 option and the site-specific youtube ID enabled.

4. I get some short .m4a files from some channels downloaded into the jaksta main media folder sometimes. The files are shorter than 5 minutes. How could I avoid these?

5. Could the list of monitors which can be imported or exported saved in an user editable text format? I exported my list and got a .dat-file with non-readable program code. Would be good to be able to edit it manually in a text editor.

Accessibility issues:

6. I have a long way to go with many tabulator presses until I reach the menu where I can chose settings or set up monitors.

I found the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+s which should help getting to this important menu. But pressing it doesn't place the cursor to these menu entries. Could this be made available?

7. Could you please add the possibility to reach the settings cathegories like "Personalization", "Output folder" etc. with the tabulator and cursor keys? Right now I have to do an OCR scan with my screenreader in order to be able to access these entries at all.

8. Can you please make the monitor list always reachable with the tabulator key or provide a shortcut which places the cursor into the list? Sometimes I can get to it, sometimes I have to do an OCR scan and klick into the list.

I hope we can work together and make Jaksta even better than it already is, making it reliable and accessible for visually impaired users as well.

Hope to hear from you soon.






























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Author: Ben788
Created At: 2021-07-27T17:45:29+08:00
Updated At: 2021-07-28T09:18:03+08:00
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