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Cannot Download on Amazon.de anymore

 I borrowed a video on Amazon.de Prime Video and want to save it with Jaksta Media Recorder.

The first 9 minutes are recorded and then suddenly the recording stops.

It's about the movie "Der weisse Äthiopier" ("The White Ethiopian") in German

What is annoying is that I only have 30 of 48 hours left to download the movie.

Once I had already loaded a movie successfully and have not changed any settings since.

How did I proceed?: In Jaksta on the right side I clicked on the Amazon icon and logged in. After I started the movie, I immediately pressed the red recording icon.

Playback appeared in the small picture on the bottom left. There were some strange little 17KB files recorded and also the movie with 500MB. After 9 minutes it stopped.

Unfortunately there are no good instructions in the FAQs anymore.

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Author: Christian Zuano
Created At: 2021-05-29T16:11:30+08:00
Updated At: 2021-05-29T16:11:30+08:00
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