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Question about Monitors and adding Date and Time to Titles

Topic: "auto create a monitor?" - Windows 10

As far as I can tell, this is the standard procedure for a new monitor {for CB}:

Copy url from CB

Click monitor icon in Jaksta

New monitor

Paste in url in url box

Paste url in name box and remove all the address stuff leaving just the screen name

Click save

My question is: Cant their just be an "auto create and save" icon that will take the url from the clipboard and auto create and save a monitor without going through the above steps?

Question 2: I cant figure out how to have the date added to the video title of all monitors like this: screenname 11-18-2020 1327.mp4 -  I see it is like that on the 'download from clipboard' box.

 Other than those things... prog is working flawless. Thanks

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