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Radio Recorder update file seems to be Music Recorder instead.

Hi, attempting to update Radio Recorder to latest version - 2022.2.4.0. Both updating via the software and the manual download seems to be trying to download the Music Recorder version - JM-2022.2.4.0.exe.

I had already upgraded Music Recorder, so when I run this file the prompt is for Music Recorder and it asks do you want to upgrade Music Recorder from version 2022.2.4.0 to 2022.2.4.0

I assume the links to the Radio Recorder file is incorrect?


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Author: Wayne Closter
Created At: 2022-03-16T11:56:07+08:00
Updated At: 2022-03-16T11:56:07+08:00
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Hi David,

What MacOS are you running it with? Have you made any changes to your computer system recently?

And do you have your conversion output location set to an external hard drive that is no longer connected?



Jaksta Support

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Author: Liam
Created At: 2021-02-22T01:41:35+08:00
Updated At: 2021-02-22T01:41:35+08:00
Views: 19
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